Monday, March 26, 2012

Top Five Tips to Winning Mega Millions

If you’re like most people, you’ve wanted to win Mega Millions for quite a while, but just haven’t been sure how to go about reaching your goal. You might have been listening to those who say that it’s just a matter of luck whether you win or not, but that advice will keep you from realizing your dream of a lifetime. In this blog, I’m sharing the top five suggestions for you to bring your dream of winning Mega Millions to reality.

  • Hold your eyes right when you buy your ticket AND when you check your numbers. Like many people, you might already hold your eyes right when you put your money down for the ticket purchase, but the trick to being a winner is to also hold your eyes right when you check your numbers. I should mention here that everyone has a “right” position for holding their eyes, and if you don’t already know your personal right position, then you have about twenty hours to find it. It could be as simple as rolling your eyes upward or the more complicated looking cross ways. 
  • Buy your tickets as early as possible so you can rub them with your lucky socks as often as possible before the drawing. Of course, you probably already set your tickets in the same drawer as your lucky socks during the days before the drawing, but it’s also critical that you give them an extra rub with your lucky socks several times a day. The best technique is to put the socks on your hands and rub the ticket between them for a minimum of five minutes, the longer the better.
  • Sing to your tickets the first thing in the morning after you wake up and the last thing before you go to bed. Again, as in the previous tip, it’s helpful to buy your tickets as early as possible so that you will have sufficient opportunities to utilize this powerful tip. By the way, it doesn’t matter which song you sing as long as it holds special meaning to you. The ticket will pick up your positive attitude and be more likely to cooperate when the numbers are drawn.
  • On the day of the drawing, only eat green things to attract the millions of dollars into your life. Any green food is appropriate, but celery sticks filled with a stuffing of avocado, pimento olives and lime Jello has proved to be a potent and particularly successful means to winning.
  • One minute before the drawing, stand in a comfortable position, take a deep inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, inhale, and holding your breath walk backwards to your refrigerator. Turn and face the refrigerator, open the freezer compartment and exhale all your hot air into your freezer. This step will help your dreams materialize in the physical world.

Put these suggestions to use in your life and see how immediate results can be yours. Turn your Mega Millions tickets into winning tickets today!


  1. Now I know what my problem is... I don't have any lucky socks!

    Going to correct that asap!