Saturday, March 24, 2012

Cherry Blossom Festival Fever

I think I'm catching Cherry Blossom Festival Fever. I'm noticing announcements in the news about upcoming Cherry Blossom Festival events across the country. I can feel the tide of interest rising and I might be swept along.

I've always enjoyed the fresh burst of pink that adorns the cherry trees on my parent's property every year. Along with the almond trees, peach trees, plum and apricots. Over the years, they planted quite a few fruit and nut trees, and I'm lucky to be able to not only see the beautiful soft petals that appear as the first indicators that Spring is here, but I also get to taste the delicious fruit when it's at its peak. And often I will receive a few jars of canned fruits to eat later in the year. But I never really gave much thought to attending a Cherry Blossom Festival.

This year, though, could be different. This year it feels necessary to celebrate the new beginnings phases of life that we are granted. The times of loss have seemed to come often and affected many in recent months. For me, the Cherry Blossom Festival has an affirming allure that is a counterbalance to the loss of my mother two years ago in May. I want to stand in the midst of cherry blossoms and smiling people and hear music, and remember how much my mom enjoyed the bounty of her life.

So this year, I’m anticipating and making plans to attend the local Cherry Blossom Festival. I’m looking forward to joining in the joyous mood and finding refreshment after a long winter.

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