Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Fab New "Dancing With the Stars" Cast

I was only going to entitle this piece The New "Dancing With the Stars" Cast, but I added the word Fab to give some idea to readers about what I think of this new crew of dancing celebrities and their professional dance partners. I think the entire cast is fabulous!

That's not easy for me to confess because I've avoided this show in past seasons. I thought it was over-hyped, and the dance routines a bit ridiculous. Plus it was annoying to see that each season's conglomeration of celebrities seemed to follow an obvious formula on the number of African American contestants vs. Old Caucasian contestants vs. Overweight contestants vs. etc., etc., etc.

Somehow last week though, I didn't change the channel when DWTS came on. If I remember right, the remote was on the dining room table and I was feeling too lazy to get up and retrieve it. So I ended up watching the entire show and loving every minute - well almost - of it! This season's cast, though granted it still shows some evidence of following a formula, wowed me with their genuine love of dancing. It was beautiful to see them all, from Jack Wagner’s sweet performance to Melissa Gilbert’s sexy, surprising moves. (This led to the one moment that I wasn’t happy about – Melissa and Maksim “The Hunk” only got a score of 6 from judge Len Goodman.)

I think I’m hooked for this season. The cast warmed my heart and I caught myself smiling a lot at the obvious delight they were feeling. I don’t have a favorite couple yet, but I do think they’re all fabulous!

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